Get To Know Birdie Boutique

About the Boutique

Birdie Boutique is a lifestyle boutique founded in early April 2014 by Kia Cleveland.  We offer fashion, jewelry, home decor, vintage furniture, and design services to the general southern California region.  We specialize in personal shopping, room revamps, professional organizing and a vast collection of re-purposed items.
Our clothing consists of an eclectic mix of fashionable finds ranging from trendy apparel, to bohemian and conservative styles. We carry accessories such as jewelry and scarves to sunglasses and handbags.  We have something for everyone, including not only fashion and jewelry, but gift items, candles, baby stuff, and books. Decor items include flea market finds, re-purposed pieces as well as brand new merchandise ranging from furniture, to art and small trinkets that all help to complete a room.



About the Owner

I have been working in the retail industry since I was 15 years old.  Starting my first job at a clothing and jewelry boutique sparked my interest into the world of fashion, buying & visual merchandising.  Ever since I was little I can remember tracing Barbie Trading Cards and designing new clothing for them.  As I got older, I continued to move up the ranks in the retail industry, but always wanted to further myself.
Due to my knack and passion for all types of design, I decided to attend the Art Institute of California- Los Angeles to study Interior Design.  Even though my passion was for fashion, I knew there were more job opportunities in the Interior Design field wherever I would end up living. I always dreamed of owning my own business, but never thought it would be possible.  
My husband and I enjoyed frequenting unique boutiques and flea markets, and often thought how great it would be to have a boutique of our own in order to showcase my creativity and bring something unique to the Inland Empire. So with my husband's business sense and my passion and creativity, we decided to jump on making my dream a reality; seeing as we just found out we were pregnant with our first child!  
With that, we combined all of our passions and expertise to create Birdie Boutique and opened the doors 4 months later while I was 4 months pregnant. My mother Roxane gave me the nickname "Kiwi Bird" when I was a little girl, and later shortened it to "Birdie."  She has since passed, and I figured what better way to show my love and remembrance for my mom than to pay homage to her with "Birdie Boutique."