Get To Know Birdie Boutique


Our Vibe

Birdie Boutique is a lifestyle boutique founded in early 2014 by California native, Kia Cleveland. Birdie offers not only “good vibes,” as well as an eclectic curation of fashion, jewelry, gifts & decor. We specialize in personal styling, room revamps, along with professional organizing. 

Over the years we have built a community of amazing babes. We love hosting events and bringing like minded women together. Having a safe space to be you is what we like to do. 

About “Birdie”

Working in the retail industry for over 20 years has introduced me to the world of fashion, buying, visual merchandising, & customer service.  

My knack and passion for all types of design started when I was in 2nd grade. I loved tracing and re-designing Barbie cards, spending hours making new ensembles. When The SIMS game came out I would create the characters and design the mansions but never play. 

Raised by a single mother caused me to move around a lot, 11 schools in 12 years to be exact. So each time we moved I would revamp my room. 

After my mother passed, I enrolled at The Art Institute of California- Los Angeles to study Interior Design.  Even though my passion was for fashion, I knew there would be more job opportunities in the Interior Design field seeing as I lived in the Inland Empire.

After frequenting boutiques and flea markets with my husband, we got the idea to open a space to showcase my creativity and bring something unique to the I.E. With his business sense and my passion and creativity, we jumped on making my dream a reality. Combining our passions and expertise helped to create Birdie Boutique.

My mother Roxane gave me the nickname "Kiwi Bird" when I was a little girl, and later shortened it to "Birdie."  I figured what better way to show my love and remembrance for my mama than to pay homage to her with "Birdie."